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Louisville’s Historic Architecture

John Paul

John Paul

The Historic Louisville Guide is an outgrowth of the Historic Old Louisville smartphone App, first developed in 2010, it sold hundreds of units before the publisher went out of business. The author retained interest in presenting Louisville’s architectural treasures to the untapped local cultural heritage tourism market.

The design of this site tries to avoid superfluous information, while helping visitors learn about the city’s built history. It is intended to help people appreciate and respect what they have inherited, information that didn’t exist to previous generations, who thoughtlessly obliterated everything in the way of progress.

This site is a tribute to what remains of Louisville’s built history.

John Paul

P.S. During the creation of this website many people asked “why don’t you publish a book?”. The answer, I want this information to be available to everyone, everywhere, without limitations. Using the model of a sharing economy you may contribute whatever you’d like to help make this site sustainable. Click for our PayPal link.


Undergirding the Historic Louisville Guide – Louisville’s Historic Architecture website were books, brochures, websites, and research by the following: All of Samuel W. Thomas’s books, including Old Louisville: The Victorian Era, Thomas & Morgan’s Old Louisville: The Victorian Era, and all of Steve Wiser’s books, including Historic Houses of Louisville, Luhan, Domer, and Mohney’s Louisville Guide, John E. Kleber’s The Encyclopedia of Louisville, Chester Zoeller’s Bourbon In Kentucky, A History of Distilleries in Kentucky, Louisville Breweries, by Peter Guetig & Conrad Selle, Antebellum Architecture of Kentucky, by Clay Lancaster, Old Louisville Neighborhood Council’s 1992 tour brochure,  The Courier-Journal 1989 series A Place in Time. Debra Richards Harlan and Christopher White for their valuable editing assistance. Web sources include individual neighborhood associations where linked, including Preservation Louisville, Louisville Metro Government, National Park Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wikipedia, Google Maps, and countless personal and public service sites including,, Chuck LaChiusa, Wentworth studio, Shorpy, Detroit Publishing Company, The Trust for Architectural Easements, Andover (Mass.) Memorial Hall Library, Kentucky Heritage Council, Preservation Kentucky, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Strong Towns, American Planning Association, National League of Cities, and the individual attractions listed.

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